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Are you looking for the Best Vocal Processor? You have come to the right place. In this post, we have hand-picked Top Vocal Processor in the market so that you are 100% certain which one to buy.

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Best Vocal Processor


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Why TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 is the Best Vocal Processor to buy?

#1. New Harmony Voicing and more effects including Vocoder/Synth.
#2. Complete guitar multi effects with TC Electronic Tone Print styles and Amp Tones.
#3. Multi-Looper for verse/chorus song creation with onboard storage.
#4. Dedicated and discrete outputs for stereo PA, stereo guitar and monitoring.


Imagine the perfect sound engineer taking your vocals to awe-inspiring heights. Imagine the rich tones of a premium stomp box collection. Imagine a songwriting tool setting your creativity on fire, both when writing and live performing.


Now stop imagining. With Voice Live 3 you get the ultimate 3-in-1 professional performance system for vocals, guitar and phrase looping – and it will rock your world!



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TC-Helicon has The Best Vocal Processor in 2018. You can get one here at a discounted price:





What is Vocal Tuning and Why Do I Need It?


You have an incredible voice yet is that enough to truly emerge?

Maybe when you are performing live everybody can simply feel the enchantment in the room yet when you are conveying material to Major record names and distributers regularly they may never have the chance to see you perform live so they will judge your voice altogether on the ” vocal quality ” exhibited in your tune.



What precisely is vocal quality?

Vocal quality can be separated into various specialized components however a portion of the fundamental angles are pitch, tone and range. Pitch control is particularly critical and can represent the moment of truth a tune. A noteworthy motivation behind why numerous tunes now and then come up short is a direct result of murky vocals. In lamen terms this implies vocal notes that are not in order amid the vocal execution. Somebody doesn’t really need to be an Audio specialist to see murky vocals and in certainty even fans can get on them!



So what, it’s only a couple off vocal notes?

That might be valid however A&R experts at significant record names and distributers have turned out to be familiar with accounts of the most elevated amount made by industry makers so lamentably regularly judge your chronicles on a similar legitimacy and make no special cases. Appears to be brutal however their business to a substantial degree are subject to the tunes they select to be recorded by significant craftsmen, so they have to feel consoled that exclusive the most grounded tunes make the cut.


Significant Artists should be consoled that the melody they in the long run settle on and record for their collection is the correct decision, any sentiments of faltering, for example, dark vocals may put them off regardless of whether your tune may be the ideal fit. This leads me on to vocal tuning.



What particularly is vocal tuning?

Vocal tuning is the procedure by which a maker will painstakingly change the notes in your vocal execution to guarantee that they are in order. This implies experiencing every vocal expression and checking it for murky vocals and altering them in like manner.



Don’t you simply put on Auto-Tune?

Auto-Tune may help yet won’t really complete a flawless activity 100% of the time. There may at present be vocal notes that are not in order even with Auto-Tune. Besides finished applying Auto-Tune may cheapen the artist’s regular vocal execution influencing it to sound to some degree mechanical.


Vocal tuning is likewise an innovative apparatus that makers can use to improve the tune quality by adding more noteworthy melodic profundity to vocal expressions. At the point when an Artist is going for a major snare this can be a key apparatus to apply. A couple of select vocal alters in the snare line can truly bring it out diverting it from something great to something awesome! As a rule in a snare line there are sure expressions that resound with the feelings or draw on the heart strings, through cautious and handy vocal tuning these expressions can truly be raised for the audience so they sound great as well as commute home and convey!



In any case, I have extraordinary pitch control and great tunes at any rate?


That might be valid however vocal tuning is an instrument to be seen as an approach to enhance and improve not restrain. Not at all like extravagant vocal processors that influence you to seem like a machine, vocal tuning is utilized as a part of conjunction with a characteristic vocal execution influencing it to sound much more common and moving by enabling specialists to achieve more noteworthy vocal potential outcomes that they might not have especially acknowledged yet.


For instance, when I am participating in vocal tuning at times I get a kick out of the chance to attempt a specific note one octave higher amid the expression, as in the snare for example. The snappy swell from high to low can make an extremely energizing and melodic feeling for the audience! Expanding the length of a vocal note can likewise be exceptionally successful in making the audience simply sit and tune in for a moment. Vocal tuning can likewise be utilized to include consonant layers that thicken and enhance the vocal segments harmonies are connected to.


Can’t simply the craftsman simply tune their vocal?

Unless they are set up to invest hours on exactly ” tuning ” the vocal execution for each of their tunes I wouldn’t prescribe it. A vocally half tuned melody simply doesn’t cut it shockingly. Specialists need to center around what they specialize in, being inventive, written work marvelous melodies and performing! Simply leave the details to makers, that is the thing that they get paid for.


Be that as it may, will vocal tuning taken a toll more?

Relies upon the administrations of the maker yet a few makers incorporate vocal tuning as a default some portion of conveying an expert blend. Meaning if there is extension to repair dark vocals as well as include more prominent melodic profundity and harmonies they will embrace this to enable the tune to achieve it’s potential and truly emerge!

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